Films are such a unique, modern, yet a relic of an art form of communication of ideas. Good ideas often require time and sacrifice, and a lot of hard work and collaboration.  Athit started his career in Film and Television with acting in Indian cinema. He has acted in 7 features, 183 commercials and 2 Episodic TV shows with studios like Yash Raj Films and Dharma Productions. Athit has spent the recent 7 years learning and building his art form in the Philippines, Los Angles, San Francisco, Portland, and Cannes. He has shot and produced over 300 short films, & 35 Music Videos, 3 features and 1 Television sitcom since graduating in 2014 from Columbia. 

  Emmanuel Lubezki A.S.C, A.M.C, Charlie Rose, A.I.C, Ben Stanley, Vince Toto, Milton Santiago, Patrice Cochet and Adnan X Khan are a few of his mentors. Athit also builds lighting installation arts when he is not filming and collaborating with other artists around the world. Some of his works are visible at the United Artist Museum in Downtown Los Angles. He is an avid reader, writer, hiker, futurist, and enthusiast of traveling. He is currently working as a Director and Cinematographer in Mumbai, India.